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Steel Wheel Stop – Metal Flanged Model

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Wheel Stopper – Metal Flanged Model Specifications

DescriptionWheel / Car Stopper
Wheel Stopper – Metal Flanged Model
ModelsSB60/100 MF (100cm)
SB60/200 MF (200cm)
SB70/175 MF (175cm)
SB70/200 MF (200cm)
DimensionsPipe Dimension: 60/70 mm
Lenght: 100/175/200 cm
Height: 13 cm
ColorYellow – Black – Red
Material TypeProfile Pipe – Sheet Metal
Material ThicknessesProfile Parts: Ø 60/70 – 2 mm Thickness
Steel Platform: 3 mm Thickness
Paint TypeElectrostatic Polyester Powder Coating
(Exterior Paint)
Reflective Arrows Enabling Recognition at Night
Dowels Required for Mounting
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