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Steel Wheel Stop – Polycarbonate Flange Model

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Wheel Stopper – Polycarbonate Flange Model Properties

DescriptionGalvanised Steel Wheel Stop
Wheel Stopper – Polycarbonate Brackets Model (Plastic Steel)
ModelsSB60/100 PK (100cm)
SB60/200 PK (200cm)
SB70/175 PK (175cm)
SB70/200 PK (200cm)
DimensionsPipe Dimension: 60/70 mm
Lenght: 100/175/200 cm
Height: 13 cm
ColorYellow – Black – Red
Material TypeProfile Pipe – Polycarbonate Flange
Material ThicknessesProfile Parts: Ø 60/70 – 2 mm Thickness
Paint TypeElectrostatic Polyester Powder Coating
(Exterior Paint)
Reflective Arrows Enabling Recognition at Night
Dowels Required for Mounting

Extra Advantages:

  1. By placing one or more brackets, the barriers can be produced in one-piece in any desired length.
  2. By packaging each piece separately, any possible damage is prevented during the shipment, and the shipping expenses are lowered by a half.
  3. They are easy to dismantle when they need to be re-painted years later, and the cost of painting is to be significantly low.
  4. When ordered in large amounts, they will be ready for dispatch the same day of the order, or the delivery period will be shortened.
  5. There will less likely to be any competition, as this is a patented product.


Resolved Obstacles:

  1. There will no longer be any welding procedure, the discommodity of having to find experienced staff is eliminated. Thus, there are no factors to speed up the corrosion and mass production is enabled.
  2. The polycarbonate bracket can be installed over the mid section of the tube, the resistance of the middle section is enhanced and the deflection is prevented.
  3. In case the floor is not flat, the polycarbonate bracket will still adapt itself to the shape of the floor during the installation.


To view more information about wheel stoppers please click here.

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