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5'li Bike Park

5l bike park

5 pieces moving bike park and space savings are provided at different heights, is prevented from impinging on the bike as well.

Desired quantity of bicycle rack units are screwed together and each unit can be installed on the floor separately.

Thanks to the robust steel construction with every bike is locked to prevent theft of bicycles as a separate apparatus or 5. Through many years without any maintenance Electrostatic powder coating can be used.

Bike Parking Rack Specifications

DescriptionBicycle Parking Stand (5 bisikletlik)
DimensionsEn: 40 cm Boy: 187,50 cm
ColorAvailable for custom color requests
Material Type 40×40 bracket and 12 mm steel transmission
Paint TypeElectrostatic Polyester Powder Coating
(Exterior Paint)
OtherDowels, Screw and Bolts Required for Mounting are Included in the Packaging
5l bike park iron


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