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Hard park and Safety Barrier

Hard park and Safety Barrier

Security Barrier


Price: £ 120

3'lü Bisiklet Park Direği | BP500

3x Bicycle Pillar | BP500

Bicycle pole - BP500

Price: £ 95

2'li Bisiklet Parkı | BP400

2s Bike Park | BP400

Bike park - BP400

Price: £ 95

Bicycle parking 14lük

Bicycle Parking 10s | BP300

10s bike park - BP300

Fiyat: 300 TL

Single Bike Park - Bike Park Anchor

Single Bike Park – Bicycle Parking On The Rise

Single bike park

Price: £ 75

Large Parking Pole

Out Large Parking Direct OB 55

New product!

Out ample parking pole

Price: £ 150

Metal Delineator / Spring Bollard

Metal Delineator / Spring Bollard

Metal Delineator

YD7075: 70 TL
YD7675: 77 TL

Plastic Flexible Pole

Plastic Delineator – Plastic Flexible Pole

Plastic Delineator

45 cm: 29 TL
75 cm: 39 TL

Fixed Mast Park SD9075 preview

Fixed Parking Bollard SD9075

Fixed Parking Bollard SD9075

Price: 77 TL

Fixed Mast Park SD9050 preview

Fixed Parking Bollard SD9050

Fixed Parking Bollard SD9050

Price: 70 TL

Fixed Mast SD7075 preview

Parking Bollard SD7075

Fixed Parking Bollard SD7075

Price: 60 TL

diregi park preview

Fixed Parking Bollard SD8050

Fixed Parking Bollard SD8050

Price: 55 TL

Fixed Mast SD8075 preview

Parking Bollard SD8075

Fixed Parking Bollard SD8075

Price: 60 TL

car stopper polycarbonate

Steel Wheel Stop – Polycarbonate Flange Model

Polycarbonate wheel stop with flange

Price: £ 75

Termination Barrier 1

Steel, Concrete Wheel Stop – Elbow Model

Elbow model wheel stopper

Price: £ 75

vehicle snapping mast

Steel Wheel Stop – Metal Flanged Model

Metal flanged car stopper

Price: £ 75

parking barrier

Manual Parking Barrier OB 01

Folding both directions, integral locked parking barrier

Price: 90 TL

personal parking barrier

Manual Parking Barrier OB 02

Padlocked, wide parking barrier

Price: 100 TL

prevent parking

Parking Barrier OB 22

Integral locked wide parking barrier

Price: 110 TL

parking pole

Parking Bollard OB 04

Folding parking bollard

Price: 100 TL

or barrier preview

Suspended Locked Yacht Barrier OB 44

Padlock or barrier

Price: 70 TL

park pole

Retractable Parking Bollard OB 05

Retractable personal parking bollard

Price: 130 TL

car pole

Retractable Personal Parking Bollard OB06

Integral Locked Retractable Personal Parking Bollard

Price: 90 TL

parking poles

Heavy Duty Retractable Parking Bollard 07

Retractable Parking Bollard

Price: 165 TL

Heavy Duty Out Large Park Direct 08 preview

Heavy Duty Retractable Wide Parking Barrier 08

Retractable Wide Parking Barrier

Price: £ 190

Car Wheel Lock

Car Wheel Lock

Wheel Lock

Price: $ 180

Bike Park

Bike Parking Rack – Bicycle Parking Stand

4 Slot Bicycle Parking Rack

3-slot Bicycle Rack: 160 TL
4-slot Bicycle Rack: 210 TL
5-slot Bicycle Rack: 260 TL
6-slot Bicycle Rack: 310 TL

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